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WelcomeA temperature rise or drop of just a few degrees sometimes leads to disaster. It can cause harm to individuals and affect substantial financial loss. Very often an organization or department is just one link in a long supply chain, many times the damage is due to circumstances beyond your control. That is even more reason to take preventive measures, monitor the process and get cold, hard facts that reduce your risk.An effective cold chain management is only possible if everyone involved understands their role, responsibility and the standards that should be applied. In other words, Cold Chain is the art of connecting all and every cold link from which the Cold Chain consists with the same high standards and quality. Everybody needs to play their part and ensure a seamless and safe transfer of the temperature-sensitive products at any stage. A bad or slow transfer can result in serious consequences. To avoid weak cold links teamwork is a vital part of success. Otherwise, the integrity of the Cold Chain can be compromised.With knowledge, the right products, the right approach and reliable business partners, Cold Chainers expertise in cold chain management solutions gives you the control you need.

Upcoming EventsClinical Trial Supply EuropeDate: 15th of March 2017Location: Barcelona, SpainWebsite: Go ASIA Cold ChainDate: 17th of April 2017Location: Bangkok, ThailandWebsite: GoGlobal Cold Chain ExpoDate: 13th of June 2017Location: Chicago, USAWebsite: Go GCCA Assembly of CommitteesDate: 31st of July 2017Location: Washington, USAWebsite: GoIACSC Conference & ExpoDate: 2nd of November 2017Location: Arizona, USAWebsite: Go

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